Researcher Referrals

Sharing your referral URL with your friends and colleagues is a great way to help them with their research, by giving them free credit to use on Prolific studies!

You can find your referral URL here. Please note, you will only be able to see your referral URL once you've topped up your account at least once.

If you register on Prolific using a friend's/colleague's referral URL and top up your account by at least £200 / $250 for the first time, we will credit your account.

You (the referred) will receive a bonus of £120/ $150 in addition to your top-up!

You can use this credit to pay any study fees, including representative sample costs & bonus payments. Note that you can't cashout/refund this bonus from a researcher account.

After signing up with a referral code, the new researcher must top-up within 30 days in order to receive the bonus credit. When this period expires, the recipient will not receive the referral credit.

To earn the referral credit, you must use the referral URL and the top-up must be a value of at least £200 / $250. The first top-up on the account does not have to be of this value, as long as an eligible top-up is made within the 30-day period.

Please follow our best practice guidelines when promoting the referrals scheme:

  • Don't conceal the fact that you are using a referral link.
  • Don't be spammy in promoting your link.
  • You should not send your link to anyone who has not confirmed to you in advance that they would be happy to receive it.
  • Don't make any false claims, or do anything that might bring Prolific into disrepute.
  • Self-referrals (i.e. signing up yourself to multiple researcher accounts using different email addresses) will not be eligible to receive the bonuses. If we have reason to suspect that this is occurring, we reserve the right to withhold any referral bonuses earned.

Please feel free to be innovative and creative, but in general use common sense. If you are in doubt as to whether something is acceptable, please get in touch with us via

Referral Scheme Terms

  1. The referral bonus must be claimed by topping up within 30 days of signing up. Top-ups after this period will not be eligible for the referral bonus
  2. Only top-ups of £200/$250 are eligible for the referral bonus
  3. The referral bonus is only rewarded on the first eligible top-up after sign-up
  4. Referral bonuses for new researchers can be spent on any study type including representative samples
  5. There is no limit to the number of people that you can refer
  6. Top-ups from credit/debit cards that have been used on another researcher account are not eligible for the referral bonus. The top-up will be successful, but no bonus credit will be added to the account
  7. If a researcher requests a refund on an account with an unspent referral bonus, the bonus will not be included in the refund
  8. Researchers cannot pay study rewards to accounts that they control
  9. The referral bonus can only be used on the researcher's account that it is originally credited to, and cannot be transferred to another researcher's account.
  10. Prolific can change the referral bonus, for referrers and recipients, and eligibility period at any time, without notice
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