Qualtrics survey template

If you're using Qualtrics, you can download a survey template to quickly and easily integrate your study with Prolific. This template will:

  • Record participant IDs automatically using a query string.
  • Redirect participants to a default Completion URL at the end of your survey (submissions will record with the code "TEMPLATE", you should change this to your study's completion code).
  • Provide an example consent form, with built-in redirection if participants do not consent (NB: the default consent form shown is NOT GDPR-compliant).
  • Give advice about other useful changes you could make to your survey to minimise issues.

To download this template, click here and download the .qsf file: Prolific_Template.qsf

Once downloaded, follow these instructions to integrate it with your own survey:

  1. From your Qualtrics Projects page, select "Create Project" > "Create From Existing".
  2. Go to the "From a File" tab, and upload the 'Prolific_Template.qsf' file here. Name your project something relevant to your research (e.g. the name of your study).
  3. Select "Create Project". Step-by-step instructions will be provided at the top of this survey for the additional changes you need to make before publishing your study.
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