In order to setup your study on Prolific you can watch our short tutorial (if using Qualtrics), or follow the instructions below. For this example, we've used Qualtrics as the survey tool, but you can use any other tool. You can find more detailed software-specific integration guides here

1) Click on "Create new study" to set up your study on Prolific. 

Please note that you cannot create surveys / experiments using Prolific because our platform is designed to help with participant recruitment, not survey creation. In other words, you need to have created your survey / experiment using a software such as QualtricsSurveyMonkey, or Gorilla before you can use Prolific.


2.) Next, set up your new study (we'll guide you through this 4-step process). Please enter the following information under "Basic details":

  • The study name (visible to participants)
  • The study URL (which is the link to your study)
  • The estimated completion time (how long it should take participants to complete your study on average)
  • The maximum allowed time (the maximum time participants are given to complete your study)
  • The maximum number of submissions (the number of complete participant responses), and 
  • The reward per participant. 

You can find more information about these here: What do each of the Basic Details mean?



In order to integrate with your external tool you need to:

1) Ask participants for their Prolific ID in your survey/experiment

2) Redirect participants to the Completion URL at the end of your survey/experiment. 

The study cost will be automatically calculated for you by our system. You will need to top up your Prolific account in order to launch your study (that is, add money to your Prolific account). Please note that participants need to be rewarded with at least 5.00 GBP/6.50 USD per hour.

The Maximum Allowed Time should be set to give all participants enough time to complete your survey. Submissions that go over this maximum time will usually be marked as Timed Out, which will result in an automatic rejection. Please take slower response times into consideration when setting this time limit!

3.) Now, in the "Description", briefly describe what participants will have to do in your study:


We've prepared a checklist of things that we think should be included in any study description, which you can find here: Writing the Study Description. Please note that the purpose of a study description is slightly different from a 'Consent Form', which you should still include at the beginning of your external survey.

4.) In the "Audience" tab, please select any prescreening criteria that you require for your study. 

For example, if you require a sample of 200 women who are 20-40 years old, then you can select these criteria here. You can also obtain a Representative Sample from the UK or US!


You can find more instructions about setting up your prescreening here.

If you need a screener that we don't currently have, please get in touch with us via We'll be more than happy to help!

Please do not use screen out participants within your studies – it is very frustrating for participants to get kicked out of studies, and our prescreening interface is intended to prevent this! More information about what we mean by this, and why it's not permitted, can be found here: Can I screen participants within my survey?

5.) Finally, in "Publish", please carefully review the points listed and check the final box. 

Additionally, you can indicate which device types are compatible with your study here.


You are now ready to post and share your study. Eligible participants will be notified via email that they can participate in your study.

When the study is complete, please review all participants' submissions (that is, approve participants' responses so they are paid). That's it! 

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