Partial payments


Under certain certain circumstances, instead of rejecting a submission, you should award a partial payment to participants for the time spent on your study.

Participants deserve partial compensation, for example, if they completed some of your study, but then a technical error occurred from the researcher's side and they couldn't finish it.
Or, if participants failed only one of multiple attention checks, but there’s evidence that they completed your study dutifully otherwise, then you should award a partial payment.
1) To initiate partial compensation, please ask the participant to return their submission and inform them that you'll send them a partial payment (preferred solution). Alternatively, you can contact us with the relevant IDs so we can return the submissions. 
2) Then use the bonus payments feature to make the partial payments. 
Partial payments cannot be used for performance based rewards. If you want to run a study that has variable payments based on performance please use bonus payments as well as approving the base submission.
The partial payment amount should be at least equivalent to our minimum reward per hour guidance, found in this article: What is your pricing?
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