Device compatibility

If you want to restrict participation to certain devices, you can indicate that only Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet is allowed in the 'Audience' step of study creation. We will then communicate this to our participants before they take part in your study. 

However, this is not enforced automatically, they could still access the study via the non-compatible devices. As such, this is different from our prescreening options.


One way of ensuring that participants only use their computers (for example) is to set this up in your survey software. For example Qualtrics offers this functionality, and can be set up using display logic and restricting to device type ( Gorilla also support restriction of studies to specific device types:

If you indicate specific device compatibility for your study on Prolific (e.g. desktop-only) and state this requirement in your Study Description, participants who ignore these warnings and take part using an unsupported device do not require approval. Please contact our support team via to find out more!

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