Bonus payments are additional payments you can make beyond the normal payment for a participant's submission. You can use these to allow for variable rewards, prizes, or to make partial payments to participant who have not completed your study but you still want to reward.

You can make bonus payments by following these steps:

  1. Export your study data from Prolific (find out how to do this here) and identify the participants you wish to reward. 
  2. Create a list with these participant ID's and the amount you wish to pay (this amount can vary per participant). 
  3. While Viewing submissions for your study select the "More" dropdown menu and go to the "CSV bonus payments" option.
  4. Insert your list of participant ID's and the amount you wish to pay. Screen_Shot_2018-12-07_at_14.45.58.png
  5. Click 'Pay Bonuses' 
    • Please note, this may take a moment to update. Do not attempt to pay the bonus payment a second time unless you receive a message to say the payments have failed. 

Note: bonus payments are charged at the same commission rate (+ VAT if applicable) as standard participant rewards.

Performance based rewards

You can pay participants variable rates on Prolific.

However, even if the rates are variable the minimum must agree with our reward per hour guidelines of > £5/hr. Bonus payments can then be paid in addition to the base reward based on performance. 

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