Sending messages to participants

You can send messages to individual participants (via their ID), a list of participants (via a comma separated list of IDs) or in bulk to all participants who took part in a study.

There are a few ways to do this within the Prolific interface.

  1. Compose a new message from here, and enter the Prolific ID of the participant you wish to contact in the "User ID" field.

  2. Reply directly to any messages you've received from participants from your Prolific inbox

  3. From your study's Submissions page, you have the option to message a comma-separated list of Prolific IDs in bulk. To do this, click the "More" drop-down menu above your listed submissions, then go to "Bulk message". Enter the list of Prolific IDs in the top field, and the message you wish to send in the bottom.

  4. You also have the option to click "Message all" from your Submissions page, which will send a message to all participants who have a submission in that study (including Returned and Timed-Out submissions).

  5. Alternatively, you can message selected participants from your study's Submissions page, by selecting participants with the tick box on the left-hand side and clicking "Message selected". This may be useful for sending custom reminders for longitudinal studies.

Participants will be notified by email when they receive a message, and they will also receive a notification within the Prolific site when logged in. The emails are sent from Prolific and the emails of both researchers and participants are protected. That is, neither researchers nor participants have access to each other's email addresses.

You have the ability to Archive messages, so that they are removed from your Prolific inbox when no further action is required. 

Sending emails to participants

You can also send emails to participants from your external email client, by using an email address of the form "". For example, you can send an email to, and the participant "58dbb652520ca20001e87f23" will receive the email as if you sent them a message through the Prolific interface.

Note: the email address from which you send an email using an external client must be registered to a Prolific account for the email to be delivered successfully. 

If the success of your study will rely upon external emails being delivered successfully to participants, please contact our support team (via in advance of launching your study. We'd advise against running a study which is solely reliant on using this feature as various complications can arise - feel free to get in touch for specific recommendations.

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