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Study completion

Getting started

To create a new study on Prolific, check that you're in the relevant workspace and project then select 'new study'. You can navigate to a different workspace if needed.

What you'll see:


How to confirm participants have completed your study

When participants have finished your study, they'll need to return to Prolific to 'complete' their submission. Participants will need to enter a completion code on Prolific to show that they completed your study.

Further guidance on completion codes and redirection with study / experimental software integrations can be found here: What survey/experimental software is compatible with Prolific?

I'll redirect them using a URL - if you choose this option you'll need to set up your survey tool to redirect participants back to Prolific. This is our recommended option.

I'll give them the completion code to copy and paste - if you choose this option you'll need to give participants the completion code at the end of your study. Participants will then copy the completion code and enter it manually when they close your study and return to Prolific.

There is further guidance on completion codes in our setting up a study FAQs.

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