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Topping up via card

If you are a workspaces user, please instead follow the instructions in our article on topping up a workspace.

You have two methods to choose from when topping up your Prolific account. You can top up via credit / debit card or bank transfer in the top up section of your account. You can access this from the icon in the top-right.


You must fund your studies up-front by topping up your account in advance of running the studies. We then manage the payments to your participants.

The quickest way to top up your account is by making a card payment, which is very easy and instant. It can take a few days for bank transfers to be reflected on your account balance, due to our internal checks.

Please be aware that some banks / card providers may impose additional charges for international transfers or payments. Please get in touch with your bank if you would like further information related to transfer fees.

Unfortunately, we can't accept payments by cheque.

Topping up via card

Using a debit or credit card is the fastest way to top up your account. Funds paid via this method will be added to your balance instantly, meaning that you'll be able to publish your studies straight away if you want to!

  1. Log into your Prolific account and navigate to the top up section.
  2. Select the 'credit card' tab (this also works for debit cards!).
  3. Enter your card details and billing address.
  4. Click 'top up'.

Please note that Prolific does not have access to your credit card information. We use Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal, to securely handle the credit card information and transactions.

My top up has failed - what can I do?

Sometimes your charges may get declined by your bank or credit card. Unfortunately, we normally don't have any further details so you'll have to contact your card provider to find out why the charge was declined. If it's a large payment in a foreign currency, it's likely it was blocked as an unusual charge. However, it's normally pretty straightforward to address these situations.

If your card provider indicates that they are not receiving payment requests from Prolific, you may be able to top up your account by requesting an invoice and paying this directly online. To do this, please see how to request an invoice for payment here.

Please contact Support using the button below if we can help in any way, or if you'll need to arrange an alternative method of payment.

I need further help

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