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What is your pricing?

On Prolific, we endorse the principle of 'ethical rewards'. We believe fair pay leads to better data quality. We therefore recommend you pay participants at least £7.50 / $9.60 per hour, while the minimum pay allowed is £5.00 / $6.50 per hour.

Our service fee

We add a 33.33% service fee on top of the total participant cost. This service charge is used to provide all of the services that keep the Prolific platform running, like software development, hosting, customer support, and payments processing.

Different currencies

Prolific is currently available in GBP and USD for researchers. We can provide invoices in other currencies where needed - please see here for more information.

If you have signed up for an account in the incorrect currency, or would like to convert your currency between GBP / USD for any other reason, please get in touch with our Support Team using the button at the bottom of this article. Please note that account conversion between currencies is intended as a one-off change, and is not possible for individual studies.

All participants are currently paid in GBP.

How much will my study cost?

You can find out how much your study would cost by generating a quote for your study. We also have a handy pricing calculator!

I need further help

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