On Prolific, we endorse the principle of 'ethical rewards'. That is, we stipulate that researchers compensate participants with at least £5.00 (British Pounds) / $6.50 (US Dollars) per hour.

To find out exactly what your study costs, please login, go to step 1 in your dashboard, and enter (1) how many participants you want to recruit and (2) how much you want to pay each participant. The system will give you a quote based on these parameters which includes our commission/service charge and any VAT if applicable. 

This service charge is used to provide all of the services that keep the Prolific platform running, like software development, hosting, customer support, and payments processing.

You must fund your studies up-front by topping up your account in advance of running the studies, we then manage the payments to your participants.

You can also earn discounts on your commission by referring colleagues to the site.

Please note that some banks/card providers may impose additional charges for international transfers. Please get in touch with your bank if you would like further information related to transfer fees. 

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