Qualtrics Integration Guide

If you haven't already checked out our getting started guide, you should do so before exploring this advanced Qualtrics integration guide.

1. Add branch logic to your consent form

Participants who do not consent to take part in your study should be redirected to a custom end of survey message, which asks them to return their submission so their study place becomes available again.

To do this, add a new block to your survey named ‘Does not consent’, and create a Descriptive Text question. In the question text, include the following message:

“As you do not wish to participate in this study, please return your submission on Prolific by selecting the 'Stop without completing' button.”

Then, go to Survey Flow, and click “Add Below” on your ‘Consent Form’ block. 

Select “Branch”, then “Add a Condition”. Select your consent question, and then select the choice that indicates consent has been given. Then, select “Is Not Selected”.

Finally, select the indented “Add a New Element Here” underneath this Branch, and then “Block” > “Does not consent”.

Your Survey Flow should look something like this upon completion of this step:

2. Record participant IDs using a query string

It’s very important to record participant IDs within your survey, so you can match your survey responses to individual Prolific submissions. Ideally, you should ask this question at the beginning of your survey (after consent is given), so you can identify responses even if participants do not reach the end.

Then, follow the steps outlined here to record participant IDs automatically.

You can obtain your Study URL by going to 'Distributions > Anonymous Link'. Be sure to select the "I'll use URL parameters" in the 'Study Link' section after you paste your URL into Prolific


3. Redirect participants to your Completion URL at the end of your survey

You will find your Completion URL in the "Study Completion" section of the study creation form:


Participants should be redirected here upon completion of your survey, so that you can quickly review which submissions have completed successfully by checking their completion code.

To do this, add a new 'End of Survey' element to your survey flow and select 'Customize'. On the pop-up select 'Override Survey Options' > 'Redirect to a URL...' then, simply enter your Completion URL in this field, so that it looks like this:


4. Validate your screening questions by asking them again in your survey

Create a new block named “Screener validation”, and add your screening questions to this block exactly as they appear on Prolific. This will allow you to confirm that participants’ prescreening responses are accurate and up-to-date, so you can be sure you are obtaining your desired sample.

You should redirect participants to a separate block if their responses do not match the prescreening criteria you have added on Prolific. To do this, create a block named “Inconsistent screening responses” and add a Descriptive Text question containing the following message:

“You are ineligible for this study, as you have provided information which is inconsistent with your Prolific prescreening responses. Please return your submission on Prolific by selecting the 'Stop without completing' button.”

Then, go to Survey Flow, and add a Branch underneath your “Screener validation” block to redirect participants to “Inconsistent screening responses” if the valid responses are not selected (see step 1 for instructions).

Please refer to the section titled "Hide ‘Next Page’ button on specific blocks using JavaScript" below for a useful tip on ensuring that participants directed to this message cannot proceed further within your survey.

5. Preview your study on Qualtrics and Prolific

After completion of the first 4 steps, your Survey Flow should look something like this:

Make sure you have previewed your study on Qualtrics to check that this flow is working exactly as you expect it to, and again on Prolific to check that your study link is correct and it is redirecting to the Completion URL at the end.

Please note that any changes you make to your survey on Qualtrics will not be visible via your Prolific preview until you publish them. You can read more about Survey Publishing on Qualtrics by clicking here.

Three additional points to consider before publishing your study:

1. Hide ‘Next Page’ button on specific blocks using JavaScript

This will be useful to add to the “Does not consent” and “Inconsistent screening responses” blocks, so that participants redirected here cannot proceed with your survey.

Do this by going to the relevant question in your survey, and selecting the “Advanced Question Options” button:

Then, select “Add Javascript…”, and paste the following code into the box:

Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnReady(function () {

When added, the Next Page button when a participant is viewing this block will be hidden, so they will not be able to continue with your survey or access your Completion URL. Adding the JavaScript should look like this:

2. We recommend including one or more attention checks within your survey

Please refer to our guidance about this here

3. Record responses in progress

If a participant doesn’t hit the final button in your survey to record a complete response, their response will be stored temporarily under ‘Responses in Progress’. By default, these will be recorded automatically after 1 week - you will see this in Survey Options > Partial Completion:

It’s very important that you check that these responses will be recorded, and do not select the option to delete Responses in Progress. If you do this, potentially valid responses will be permanently deleted from your dataset, and will not be recoverable.

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