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Exporting Prolific demographic data

Downloading the prescreening demographic information

You can export the prescreening demographic data for your Prolific study from the submissions page. Click on the 'more' menu and then 'download demographic data':


Please note that this is the only demographic data Prolific holds for your study, as we do not have access to data collected in your external study software

Top tips!

  • You'll need to match the data set you get from Prolific (which contains the above prescreening information) with the data set from your survey / experimental software – it won't be automatically integrated.
  • The time that shows on the export file will be in GMT, but the time that shows against your submissions on your study submissions page will be in your local time.
  • You are guaranteed to get the prescreening data of filters that you apply to your study
  • For prescreening filters that you don't apply to your study but are included in our default list below, there might be gaps in the prescreening data because it is optional for participants to provide this information. If you want this data without gaps please add it as a screener with all options selected.

Please note that the demographic data is accurate at the time of export, not to the time when the participant took the study. We therefore recommend downloading this data shortly after the study has been completed. If participants update their prescreening answers between completing the study and the export being downloaded, the new answers will appear on the export.

If you can see inconsistencies in your data export with respect to the prescreening criteria you applied and there has not been a delay in downloading the data, please report these to our Support Team using the button at the bottom of this article so that we can investigate further.

What demographic data is available on the download?

In addition to the responses to all prescreeners applied to the study, you'll also have access to the following data:

  • Session id
  • Participant id
  • Submission status
  • Started date-time (in GMT)
  • Completed date-time (in GMT)
  • Time taken
  • Age
  • Sex
  • First language
  • Current country of residence
  • Nationality
  • Country of birth
  • Student status
  • Employment status
  • Number of approvals
  • Number of rejections
  • Approval rate ('Prolific score')
  • Reviewed at date-time (in GMT)
  • Completion code ('entered code')

Please note that demographic data for returned submissions will not appear in your data export, and will instead be marked with 'CONSENT REVOKED'. However, if you manually approve a returned submission, this demographic data will then appear in your export as normal.

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