Timed out submission status

What does this submission status mean?

The participant exceeded the maximum time allowed without completing their submission. No further action is usually required for timed out submissions, since they are automatically excluded from your total submissions.

You will not be charged for this submission, but you can also manually approve them if you wish (by selecting the green tick next to their ID). If you're unable to manually approve a submission due to insufficient funds, this could be because of a discrepancy between your total and available balance.

What is the maximum time allowed?

The maximum time allowed is an upper time limit for your study set automatically by Prolific, based on the estimated completion time you set in the study creation form. 

This limit cannot be changed, and is designed to give all participants in your study plenty of time to complete successfully, whilst timing out those who become inactive.

Please note that participants can go over your maximum time allowed and still complete their submission in some cases - read about why this may occur here.

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