When to pilot test your study

Some advice on pilot testing your study on Prolific

In most cases, it is a good idea to pilot test your study and get feedback before actually launching it. This is especially important when you are asking sensitive questions to test if people would actually answer them. Here are some other cases where pilot testing will be useful: 

  • when there is reason to assume that the order of your questions might introduce a bias. 
  • if you have certain technological requirements (e.g., browser compatibility restraints/external software that needs to be downloaded), so you can check everything is running smoothly. 
  • when you are applying a questionnaire for the first time and need feedback on the questions - for example, if they are clear enough and not too difficult. 
  • When you need accurate information about the actual length of your study. 
  • If you want to see if your exclusion criteria actually work and are legitimate.

When pilot testing your study, make sure to provide enough time and free answer space for honest and detailed feedback from the pilot participants. Remember that it can be useful to get feedback on your study both from people who are unfamiliar with the topic, but also from experts who know how to construct questionnaires and collect data. 


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