What do each of the Basic Details mean?

When you create a new study on Prolific, you'll have to enter some details. We'll explain what these mean here!

Completion URL

The URL that participants can visit when they have an active submission for your study to complete their submission and mark it with the correct completion code. Ideally, participants should be redirected to this URL at the end of your survey - read about how to do this here.

NB: you do not need to edit this URL on Prolific, you just need to copy & paste it into your end of survey options (e.g. on Qualtrics).

Completion code

The code that should accompany a participant's completed submission if they finished your survey. You will have to provide a way for participants to access this code at the end of your survey, either by redirecting them to your Completion URL (see above), or giving them the code to copy and paste into Prolific.

Study name

Here, you can give your study a title, which will be visible to participants. If you're running multiple duplicate studies, we would recommend giving them all unique names (e.g. Personality Study 1, Personality Study 2, and so on...), to make it easier for you to identify individual studies later on.

Study URL

The link to your survey/experiment, hosted on an external platform (e.g. Qualtrics, Gorilla).

You can choose to 'Include URL parameters' if you wish to record some embedded data automatically using the URL (such as participant IDs - read more about this here).

Estimated Completion Time

How long you estimate your study will take to complete on average. Your estimated reward per hour is based on this time, so it's very important to estimate this accurately and in good faith.

If you're not sure how long it will take to complete your study on average, try testing it on some of your friends/colleagues, or run a small pilot study on Prolific before recruiting your full sample!

NB: The estimated completion time and the maximum allowed time must be an integer (e.g. 5 or 6 minutes, not 5.5). 

Maximum Allowed Time

The maximum amount of time you wish to give participants to complete your study, after which inactive participants will time out.

Importantly, participants who go over this time can still complete your study if they are still active, so it's not intended to be an absolute maximum time limit to finish your study in. You can read more about this here: Setting the Maximum Allowed Time

Maximum Submissions

How many participants you wish to recruit for your study. You can only ever have this number of submissions awaiting review at any one time, but returned, timed out, and rejected submissions are excluded from this total.

Reward per Participant

The amount you wish to pay participants for completing your study. Rewards are fixed at the amount you set, so all participants will receive the same reward regardless of their completion time.

We ask researchers to compensate participants at a minimum rate of 5 GBP/6.50 USD per hour, but there are some additional factors to consider when setting this reward: Deciding on a Reward


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