Pausing and stopping a study

You can Pause and Stop an active study at any time by selecting the option from the Action menu.


Pausing a study

  • This may be useful if you become aware of some problems with your survey after publishing, and need to make some changes on your survey software before resuming data collection.
  • For example, you may become aware that your participants are having problems accessing your completion code/URL. In this case, you can 'Pause' your study and refer to this guidance to make the necessary changes to your survey.
  • To resume data collection select 'Start' (from the Action menu) after you've resolved any issues that may have arisen
  • Studies may reach the total number of submissions and show as ‘awaiting review’, but then if EITHER:

you reject one of those submissions


a participant who was ‘awaiting review’ subsequently decides to ‘return’ their submission,

the study will become paused automatically and the number of submissions will reduce accordingly

  • You can ‘Start’ the study again to fill the newly available place(s) or ‘Stop’ the study with less than the total number of submissions originally available.

Stopping a study

  • You may wish to close your study early before the maximum number of approved submissions has been reached. 
  • For example, to change the prescreening criteria of your active study or when one or more of your study details have been entered incorrectly.
  • After you’ve stopped your study, its status will change to 'Completed' once all submissions have been reviewed. 
  • You can download a summary, which will show you how much it cost. Any leftover funds will be restored to your available balance.
  • If you want to resume data collection after stopping your study, you can 'Duplicate' it and publish a new version.


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