Total and Available Balance

Total Balance

This is the total amount of money in your account from the top-ups you've made, minus any funds spent on participant payments (i.e. Approved submissions, or bonus payments).

Available Balance

This is how much you will have in your balance after any active studies have been completed. That is, if you publish a study with an overall cost of £50, your available balance will be your total balance minus £50. However, the £50 won't be deducted from your total balance until you approve the submissions you receive from this study.

Therefore, the difference between your total and available balance is reserved for any active studies you have running on your account.

To increase places for a study, or to publish a new one, your available balance must be high enough to cover the costs of the additional participants. If you Stop an active study before it reaches the number of Maximum Submissions, any unspent funds from the participants you did not recruit will be restored to your available balance for use elsewhere.

Why is my available balance showing a negative/incorrect amount?

If you've recently processed a large number of approvals or bonus payments, it's possible that our system will still be processing these when you check your balance. Therefore, our system may temporarily display an incorrect balance (e.g. a negative amount).

When this occurs, and you're sure that you have no outstanding payments on any active studies, we'd recommend waiting ~10 minutes, then logging out and back in. This should give our system sufficient time to process any remaining payments, and refresh your balance to the correct amount.

If you still see an incorrect balance after logging back in and are not sure why, feel free to contact us.

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