Topping up your account via bank transfer

In addition to credit card payments, you can also top up your Prolific account via bank transfer. 

This may be particularly useful for those of you hoping to receive University/Institutional funding for your studies. We also accept personal transfers if these are preferred to credit card payments.

Personal bank transfers 

To make a bank transfer, there are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Log in to Prolific and go to the top-up menu (top right hand corner). 
  2. Select the 'Bank transfer' option at the top of this window. Here you will find all of the information to include in your bank transfer. 
    • Copy the reference number and include this in your transfer (this number must be included exactly for your payment to proceed).
  3. Go to your banking app/website and enter all of the details provided.
  4. Once you have sent the money, click the green 'I've Sent It' button on the Prolific website.
  5. When your deposit has been received by us, we will match it to your account, and you will be credited.
    • Note: this process may take up to three days, but often happens much faster.
    • If your transfer is not credited to your account within 5 working days of payment, please contact support and provide a proof of payment if possible.
      • A suitable proof of payment would be a screenshot or document showing the full transfer details, such as the payment date, exact amount transferred, and reference.

This process can currently be carried out in GBP and USD, depending on your location.

Institutional bank transfers (e.g. Invoicing & Purchase Orders)

You can request an invoice, which can be sent to your University/Institution in order for them to initiate a bank transfer to Prolific.

  • Please see "Billing: Invoices & Receipts" for instructions on requesting an invoice.
  • Institutions typically specify the invoice reference number in their transfer, so that we have the required information to match it to your Prolific account.
  • In some cases, the reference number is not provided, so we cannot match it to your account without further details.
    • If your institution confirms that your invoice has been paid, but you have not received the credit in your account within 5 working days of payment, please contact support and include a proof of payment.
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