Schedule Publish

Schedule Publish allows you to set a date and time in the future when you would like your study to become active.

To begin, select the Schedule Publish option from the publish options dropdown menu:


Next, select a date, time and timezone when you would like you study to be published. The selected date must be in the future:


After clicking Next, the Confirm Publish screen will now display your chosen date, time and timezone:


Confirm the final checks as usual and then click Publish:


Your study is now queued for publish at your chosen date and time, with a status of SCHEDULED:


You can adjust, cancel or choose to publish your study immediately at any time before your scheduled publish date by selecting the options from the Action dropdown menu:


Adjust the schedule to any other date, time and timezone in the future:


Cancel the schedule, reverting the status of your study to UNPUBLISHED:


Or publish your study immediately, setting its status to ACTIVE:


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