Video or Audio Interviews and Focus Groups - Study Description Checklist

What to cover in your study description!

If you haven't already, please read our guide to setting up an interview study before working through this checklist.

Study basics

  • How many stages there are and what do people need to do
  • Which site(s) will participants be directed to
  • Confirm that personal data will not be collected and stored, and inform how video recordings will be used and stored / discarded
  • How you will ensure the study is safe and respectful of all participants
  • How you are obtaining consent and how this can be withdrawn at any time
  • Whether any particular behaviour or actions are not permitted


  • Whether payment will be in the usual way via submission approval, or a bonus payment
  • Whether submission approval (payment) is dependent on video being turned on as well as microphone
  • That payment includes the time signing up and how much time is allocated to that
  • That submission approval (payment) is dependent on attendance at the interview or focus group

Device requirements

  • e.g. mobile phone cannot be used or browser requirement
  • Any downloads needed and should anything be tested beforehand? If so, will any time be allowed for this?

Completing the study

  • How participants should let you know their Prolific ID before exiting
  • How participants will get the completion code
  • How participants will be debriefed - will participants be directed to some information at the end of the call, or will this be done within the call?
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