Inviting specific participants to your study using a Whitelist

Our "Custom Whitelist" prescreening feature can be utilized if you wish to include specific participants in your study, and if you have already collected their Prolific ID's.  

This feature can be helpful in a number of scenarios: 

  1. You are running a multi-part/longitudinal study
    • You wish to include only participants who completed the previous studies in a series. 
  2. If you experienced issues with a previous study
    • You may wish to give participants who were unable to complete the previous study an opportunity to take part in a duplicate study, once the issues have been resolved. 

In order to action a whitelist:

    1. When creating a study, scroll down to the "Audience" section.
    2. Add a new custom screening filter here, and search for "Custom Whitelist".
    3. Add Prolific IDs of the participants you want to allow to take part in this follow up study.
      • To generate the "Whitelist", you must obtain the IDs from your Prolific data export or query string rather than manually entered data. Prolific IDs manually recorded in your survey may contain typos, and invalid IDs will be rejected. Click here for instructions on how to download your data export. 


ONLY these participants will be able to take part in this study. They will automatically be emailed with an invitation to take part within one hour after the study is published.

Please note: If you want your participants to complete the study at a particular time, please make sure to specify this in your study description, including the time zone(s).

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