Typeform Integration Guide

If you haven't already checked out our Getting Started guide, you should do so before exploring this advanced guide. Here, we provide a step-by-step walkthrough for making sure your Typeform study integrates smoothly with Prolific. 

1. Redirect participants to your Completion URL at the end of your survey

When you create a new Typeform study, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up your “Thank You Screen”. This will make it much easier to follow the steps below, and should be the screen that you want participants to see at the end of your study.
First, go to “Add a block” and select “Thank You Screen”. On “Edit block”, change the Button text to Back to Prolific”, and turn the Redirect to URL option on. In this URL field, enter your Completion URL, which you can find in the study creation form on Prolific:
Finally, in the message box on Typeform, write something like the following to thank participants for their time and send them back to Prolific:
“Thank you for taking part in this study! Please click the button below to go back to Prolific and complete your submission.”
When participants see this screen and click the ‘Back to Prolific’ button, they will be recorded as complete on Prolific (click here to read more about Completion Codes/URLs). You’ll want to make sure this is the final screen that participants see when they complete your study successfully.

2. Obtaining consent (with Skip Logic)

It’s important to obtain participants’ consent at the very beginning of your study, to ensure they understand the instructions and are happy to proceed. Your consent form can be presented within a “Welcome Screen” at the start of your study - for more help with the types of information to include, click here.
Once you’ve set up your consent form, add a “Multiple Choice” question below with two choices: one to indicate that the participant consents, and the other to indicate that they do not. Participants who do not consent to take part in your study should be redirected to a separate end of survey message, which asks them to return their submission so their study place becomes available again.
To do this, add a new “Thank You Screen” to the end of your survey. Go to “Edit Block” and turn off the “Button”, then add the following message to the block:
“As you do not wish to participate in this study, please return your submission on Prolific by selecting the 'Stop without completing' button.”
Finally, tick the “Required” option on your multiple-choice question and add a “Logic Jump”, so that participants are redirected to this message if they choose the non-consenting option. Here’s an example of what this might look like:
Here, participants who select “I do not consent, I do not wish to participate” will be redirected to the instructions to return their submission, whereas those who do give their consent will be sent to the next question in your study. 

3. Record participant IDs using a query string

Participant IDs must be recorded within any Prolific study, so you can match your survey responses to individual Prolific submissions. Luckily, they can be recorded automatically on Typeform, through the use of Hidden Fields.
Simply add a new block on the Create tab, scroll down on the list of question types and select “Hidden Fields”. Here, name your variable prolific_pid”.
A “?prolific_pid=xxxxx” string will then be added the end of your Typeform URL. When you input your Study URL into Prolific, just replace the “xxxxx” with “{{%PROLIFIC_PID%}}”. Your final Study URL should look something like this:
This will ensure that participant IDs are recorded automatically in your dataset, under the variable named “prolific_pid”. You can test that this is working correctly by previewing your study via Prolific (see step 5).


4. Validate your screening questions by asking them again in your survey

It’s a good idea to ask your screening questions again in your survey, making sure the questions and responses are worded exactly as they appear on Prolific. This will allow you to confirm that participants’ prescreening responses are accurate, so you can be sure you are obtaining your desired sample.
We recommend redirecting participants to a separate end of survey message if their responses do not match the prescreening criteria you have applied on Prolific. To do this, add a new “Thank You Screen” to the end of your study (as in step 2), and enter the following message:
“You are ineligible for this study, as you have provided information which is inconsistent with your Prolific prescreening responses. Please return your submission on Prolific by selecting the 'Stop without completing' button.”
Then, you can add Skip Logic to your validation questions to redirect any participants who respond inconsistently here (see step 2 for full instructions). Note that this approach is different to screening participants within your survey (which is not permitted on Prolific), because the criteria has been specified in your prescreening.


5. Preview your study on Typeform and Prolific

After completion of the previous 4 steps, you can add your main survey questions in between the Welcome and Thank You screens. Typeform’s Help Centre contains lots of useful information to help you set up your specific study exactly how you wish to.
When configuring your Skip Logic, make sure that participants are only directed to the Thank You screen from Step 1 if they fully complete your study (i.e. they consent to take part, and pass all screener validation questions).
Finally, preview your study extensively to check that all Skip Logic is working as you expect it to, and again on Prolific to check that participant IDs are being recorded and it is redirecting to the Completion URL successfully at the end.
That should be it! We hope that this guide has been useful to you, and wish you all the best in your research. If you have any further questions about integrating your Typeform study, or about any other aspects of Prolific, feel free to get in touch.
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