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How do I report data quality concerns to you?

At Prolific we are committed to providing the highest level of data quality to our researchers. If you ever have any concerns about the level of data quality you are receiving from us please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly using the button at the bottom of this article.

How does Prolific currently review accounts?

We use a variety of tools to help make sure you get excellent data quality on Prolific. These include participant verification, IP and ISP reviews, and continued account checks. Unfortunately, sometimes low-quality submissions still happen. We're keen to look into these participants as soon as we can so we encourage you to report them to us.

We have a blog post available that explains some of the steps that we take to ensure the quality of our participant pool.

Report directly from the study submissions page

You can indicate the participants you wish to report using the checkboxes on the left-hand side, and then selecting 'report':

  1. Select the submission(s) you would like to report by using the check box to the left of each submission, and then click 'Report':


  2. Enter the reason for the report and the desired outcome:


  3. Alternatively, you can select 'Bulk report' without selecting any check boxes and then insert the relevant participant IDs, reason, and desired outcome (optional) in the pop-up box. Please make sure your formatting is correct before you submit your report. You'll need to add the participant ID, the reason for reporting, and the desired outcome, all separated with commas and no spaces.


    Report concerns to our Support Team

    You also have the option to contact our Support Team directly to highlight any participants / submissions that you would like to report. You can do so via the button below.

    We will look into any participants reported via any of these methods and take any appropriate action.

    I need further help

     Click here to contact us

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