Why is my account on hold?

If you log in to Prolific and see that your account has been placed on hold, this means that some actions on your account have been temporarily restricted.

This will usually occur when a study running on your account appears to go against our terms. This article covers which actions are restricted for "On hold" accounts, reasons why your account could be placed on hold, and what you can do to fix this.

Restricted account actions

Whilst your account is on hold, you will be unable to perform the following actions:
  • Publish new studies
  • Resume data collection on paused studies
  • Reject submissions
  • Increase study places
  • Stop studies

Why is my account on hold?

Here are some reasons why your account might be placed on hold by our team (note: this may not cover all possible scenarios).
Underpaying studies: if one or more of your studies falls below our minimum £5.00/$6.50 per hour reward rate.
Screening within studies: if your studies appear to go against our internal screening policy.
Invalid rejections: if we believe that you may be exercising your right to reject submissions unfairly (see Reviewing submissions guidelines).
Study collecting personal data: if your study collects any Personally Identifiable Information without prior approval from Prolific.
Study requiring external downloads: if your study requires participants to download software/files that are potentially harmful.
Inappropriate study content: studies causing undue distress to participants or otherwise inappropriate for the Prolific platform.
Not responding to Prolific emails: if we have attempted to contact you through our support channels but have not received a response within a reasonable period of time.
Technical study issues: if a study is not working correctly and data collection needs to be paused.

How can I restore my account?

Please contact Prolific Support and mention that your account is on hold.
Our support team will explain the reason that your account has been placed on hold, and what actions will be necessary in order to restore it. In some cases, an explanation may be sufficient to lift the suspension, but in others we may require that bonus payments are sent to participants or submissions are un-rejected before your account can be restored.
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