When you top up your account using a debit/credit card, or via bank transfer, you will be provided with an itemized invoice, which will detail the purchase you’ve made in terms of participant payments & service fees. 
Additionally, if you have leftover funds on your account and would like them to be refunded back to your initial payment method, you will be provided with a refund receipt.
To access your full transaction history and to download any related invoices/receipts, you can visit the Billing tab of your account page.

Can I generate an invoice in advance of topping up my account?

You can generate a quote for any study you create on Prolific, broken down into participant rewards + commission + VAT (if applicable).
To do this, create a new study and enter (1) how many participants you want to recruit, and (2) the amount you want to reward to each participant. You can then download a detailed quote from the Action menu based on these parameters.
If you’d like this quote converted into an invoice prior to topping up, please contact support via info@prolific.co and attach the quote to your request. Alternatively, we can provide invoices for custom amounts if you’re unable to generate a quote through the interface.

Can I add a purchase order number to quotes/invoices?

If you need an invoice displaying a Purchase Order number, we would recommend adding this to your “Billing Address” field on your account page. Any details that you enter here will appear on your study quotes and invoices.

Can I get a receipt for individual studies, instead of top-ups?

You can download a summary of the costs of individual studies when they are completed (i.e. all responses reviewed).
The 'Basic' summary will show you the bulk amount paid to participants, along with the commission (+ VAT if applicable) we have taken. The 'Detailed' summary additionally breaks down these costs to individual participant IDs, showing the amounts paid to each participant.
If you require any further assistance in relation to billing, don’t hesitate to reach out via info@prolific.co!
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