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Top up invoices

When you top up your account using a debit / credit card, or via bank transfer, you will be provided with an itemized invoice which will detail the purchase you’ve made in terms of participant payments and service fees

If you have leftover participant rewards on your account and would like them to be returned back to your initial payment method, you will be provided with a credit note/receipt. Please see here for further information about withdrawing money: Can I withdraw money from my Prolific account?

To access your full transaction history and to download any related invoices/receipts, you can visit the Billing tab of your account page.

Please note that these invoices will be for top ups and not for individual studies. This is because the funds you top up your account with could be used to fund several studies. Please see Study receipts for how to generate a receipt for an individual study. We find that these receipts are sufficient in most cases. If you require an invoice for each study then we recommend making a separate top up for the amount of each study separately prior to publishing.

Creating an invoice in advance of topping up

You can generate an invoice by logging in to Prolific and navigating to the top-up window.

From here, click the "Request invoice" tab:Invoice_request__1_.jpg

Here, you can specify the amount you wish to be invoiced for (in your account currency), and enter any billing address / additional details you need to be shown on the invoice. There is also space to add a purchase order number, if applicable.

This invoice will be sent to the email address linked to your Prolific account, which you can then pay using a credit / debit card, bank transfer, or forward to your institution as required.

When the invoice is paid directly online the funds will be credited to your account balance automatically.

If the invoice is paid via bank transfer our team will credit the funds to your account once they have arrived with us. This is usually within 3 working days, but if the funds have not been credited 5 working days after they were transferred then feel free to get in touch using the button at the bottom of this article.

Can I get an invoice in a currency other than GBP/USD?

Prolific is currently available in GBP and USD for researchers.

If you require an invoice in a different currency to your account currency prior to topping up (e.g. €EUR or $AUD) please get in touch via the contact button below. You'll need to let us know:

  • the desired currency
  • the amount to be invoiced
  • the billing address
  • the name of the person to be listed on the invoice

Please note that your account will be topped up in GBP / USD to the equivalent value of the payment made in your chosen currency.

I need further help

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