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Quick guide to using Prolific

Below, we have put together a quick guide to get you started on Prolific. This includes a list of must read articles, and also clarifications around what you should and should not do as a researcher on Prolific's platform. 

Must Reads

What you should do as a researcher

  • You should make sure to include clear descriptions of your studies so participants understand what is expected of them in order to take part.
  • You should set your reward rate to at least £5.00/hr or $6.50/hr but we recommend you pay participants at least £7.50/$9.60 per hour.
  • You should link your survey/ experiment back to Prolific upon completion, so that we are able to track which participants have successfully completed your study, and so that you can reward them for their contribution accordingly.
  • You should record participant IDs within your study, so that you can match individual survey responses to Prolific participants.
  • You should approve/reject your participants' responses as soon as possible.
  • You should explain your reasons for rejecting a participant's response.
  • You should set your estimated and maximum allowed time reasonably. Read more here.

What you should NOT do as a researcher

  • You should NOT ask for participants' personally identifiable information (i.e. their names, phone numbers, emails, home addresses, etc.). If your study design requires collection of personally identifiable information for any reason, please contact us before proceeding with your study.
  • You should NOT reject participants unfairly. Read about fair reasons for rejection here.
  • You should NOT screen your participants in your survey/ experiment and reject those whose profiles do not match your criteria. Read more about this here.
  • You should NOT use data you collect from participants for purposes other than what you described and what participants gave consent to in your survey/ experiment.

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