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Referral FAQs

My referral bonus hasn't been applied
If you have topped up the minimum amount of £80 / $100 and your referral bonus has not been applied to your balance, please get in touch with our Support Team
How long will I have to spend my referral bonus?
The referral bonus will remain on your account as long as the account is active, and you can spend these funds whenever you wish. The bonus can be spent across multiple studies
I can't find my referral code
Your referral code will only become available once you have topped up your account at least once. If you have already topped up your account and you still cannot see your referral code, please get in touch with our Support Team
I forgot to sign up with the referral code
If you haven't already topped up your account, we recommend that you delete your account and sign up again with the referral code. You can delete your account from your account page. If you have already topped up, it may be possible for us to still add the referral code to your account. Please contact our Support Team providing the referral code and the email address of your referrer and we will be able to look into this further for you.

I need further help

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