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Getting started

To create a new study on Prolific, login to your account and select new study from the side menu of your account

What you'll see:


Who will see your study?

Here you can choose whether you wish to recruit a representative sample, apply prescreeners or launch your study to our entire participant pool.

Places on your study will be filled by eligible participants on a first-come, first-served basis. We'll also show you how many participants who meet your criteria have been active on Prolific in the past 90 days. We typically recommend expecting a 40-50% response rate from eligible participants.

Please see the article Which participants will take my study? for a more detailed look at each of these options.

Representative sample - using this option you can recruit a representative sample of participants in the UK or US.

Prescreen participants - using this option you can apply your chosen selection of our demographic prescreeners to help you to reach your intended audience.

Everyone - using this option you can launch a study to our entire participant pool. Please note that if you choose this option your sample will not be balanced in any way.

Can I screen out participants within my study?

No, please do not screen out participants within your studies, or specify screening criteria only within your study title/description. It's very frustrating for participants to get screened out of studies, and our prescreening interface is intended to prevent this! Read more about this here: Can I screen participants within my study?

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