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Setting up a study FAQs

Can I create surveys using Prolific?

No, it's not possible to create surveys using Prolific as our platform is designed to help you with participant recruitment rather than survey creation. You will need to have created your survey / experiment using relevant software before you can use Prolific.

Our guides on survey / experimental software integration will help you to integrate your preferred survey software into your Prolific study.

Can I share my draft study with colleagues?

Yes! At the top of the study 'new study' page you will see a 'share' button. If you click here, you'll be able to enter your colleagues' email addresses to share the study with them. There is also the option to include a message and to copy the sharing link for the study.

Please note that your colleagues must have signed up to Prolific with researcher accounts before they can access this link. They will be able to see the study but not edit it, and they can provide you with feedback using our Prolific messaging system.

Make sure that you've saved your study as a draft before trying to share it!


How do I copy a study?

You can duplicate studies from the study's 'action menu'.

When you copy a study, this will include all details of the study including the prescreeners. The completion code for the study will also be the same as in the original study.

Please be aware that if you duplicate a completed study, the 'exclude participants from previous studies' prescreener will automatically be applied. This will prevent participants who took part in the original study from participating in the new version. You are welcome to remove this prescreener if you wish!

Please see How can I prevent specific participants from accessing my study? for guidance on how to prevent previous participants from accessing the new study if the study was not completed before it was duplicated.

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to duplicate representative sample studies or studies that were published using our 'balance sample across sex' feature.

How do I delete a study?

You can delete a draft study from the study's 'action menu'.

Please note that only draft studies can be deleted. Studies that are active or completed cannot be deleted.

My studies all have the same completion code - will this be an issue?

If you duplicate a study, the completion code will remain the same for the new study. This is not an issue and it is fine for multiple studies to have the same completion code

Can I use a custom completion code?

It isn't currently possible to choose custom completion code when setting up a study.

We use completion codes so that the researcher has a quick and easy way to see which participants have been redirected back to Prolific with the expected code. If a participant inputs a code that differs from this, there will be an alert for the researcher. This alert has no consequences from Prolific for the participant or the researcher.


You could choose to give your participants a different completion code to use than the one offered by Prolific. This will result in participants' submissions showing an alert for an unexpected completion code. This can be ignored and participants approved as usual.

If you have any questions about this please get in touch with our Support Team using the button below.

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