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Workspaces are a new way for you to collaborate with your teammates and organise research on Prolific. Each workspace has its own set of projects, studies, team members and funds.

You can create and be added to as many collaborative workspaces as needed, as well as have unlimited private workspaces for your own research.

Currently, all members of a shared workspace can:

  • Top-up and withdraw funds
  • Create, edit and publish studies
  • Create and rename projects
  • Invite new members
Please note

Workspaces cannot be deleted and you cannot share or transfer funds between different workspaces

Navigating workspaces

Workspaces can be fully navigated from the left sidebar.

At the top, you will find the ‘workspace selector’, which shows the name of your active workspace (My workspace, in the examples). All projects, finances and team members below relate to this workspace.

When you click the workplace selector you’ll be shown a list of all workspaces you are part of. Switch to a workspace by clicking on its name.


Upgrading to workspaces

When you upgrade to workspaces, your existing studies and balance will be moved to a workspace called ‘My workspace’, and within a project called ‘Project’. By default, you are the only member of this workspace.

For more information about the sections within a workspace please visit:

Adding a new workspace

To create a new workspace, select ‘New workspace’ from the workspace selector dropdown menu.


A popup box will appear for you to give your new workspace a name. We recommend choosing a unique, identifiable name to make it easy to switch between workspaces.


Click ‘Create workspace’ to finish the process. You’ll then be taken straight to your new workspace.

Once a workspace has been created, you’ll need to add billing details and top it up with funds before you can publish studies. See here for more information on how to do this.

Renaming a workspace

You can rename a workspace using the ‘Settings’ tab on the left sidebar. On the Settings page, add the new name for your workspace in the box provided (maximum 18 characters) and select ‘Rename’.


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