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Prolific service fees update June 2022

What's changed with Prolific service fees?

From June 6th 2022, Prolific service fees show as a margin of your total spend, rather than a markup on participant rewards.

Why have we changed our fee terminology?

We heard from you that our fee terminology was confusing. We’ve made it simpler for you to see what Prolific charges and how much participants receive.

Have my fees increased?

For existing customers, our fees are exactly the same. We’re just simplifying the way we talk about them.

From now on, instead of viewing our fees as 33.33% on top of your participant pay, you can think them as 25% of your total spend.

For new customers that join on or after June 6 2022, we’ve increased our standard service fee to a 30% margin. However, to support underfunded research, this price increase won’t apply to new academic and non-profit researchers.

How are my fees calculated?

Let’s look at an example to help. Say you have £100 to spend on a study.


Our study cost was based on participant rewards with an additional 33.33% fee.

  • Study cost: £100
  • Participant reward: £75
  • Fees: £75 x 0.3333 = £25 (ex. VAT)


Our fee is now calculated as 25% of the total cost. So with the same example:

  • Study cost: £100
  • Fees: £100 / 4 = £25 (ex. VAT)

How are representative samples charged?

Representative samples continue to incur an additional cost on top of our standard service charge. Please read more about this here.

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