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Bank transfers FAQs

Which financial providers/banks does Prolific use for bank transfers?

Prolific uses Lloyds Bank, Wise and BlueSnap’s payment network for bank transfer payments.

We recently partnered with BlueSnap as a financial provider to provide local bank details (where possible) and reduce fees associated with transferring money.  

We are rolling this BlueSnap integration gradually, and we'll make sure that you're informed when your account switched over to the new process. If you haven't already heard from us then we'll be in touch when your account is ready.

What is BlueSnap and where can I find documentation?

BlueSnap is a financial provider that uses a network of more than 100 local banks. With BlueSnap, you will receive the most appropriate bank details that will give you the lowest fees for your region.

If you've been upgraded to BlueSnap, a confirmation of this change and instructions will be provided with each invoice you generate. If relevant, be sure to forward this letter to your finance team for their records. 

Each invoice will also contain alternative bank details (Lloyds/Wise), which you can choose to make payment to if you prefer, instead of BlueSnap’s payment network.  

Please always remember to include the relevant reference number included with the relevant bank details when sending a bank transfer. 

Which bank details should I use?

You can send payment to any bank details that are provided on your invoice, along with the given unique reference. 

Please be aware that some banks may impose additional charges for international transfers or payments.  Please check with your banking provider for more information about fees. 

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